What is Intelligent Motion Therapy?

Intelligent Motion Therapy is the integration of Physical/Manual Therapy and Pilates Method to provide a more comprehensive spectrum of care from injury to wellness services without the use of technicians and multiple modalities. The only tools I use are my eyes, hands and diagnostic skills to find the cause of your pain. Once the cause of your pain is located, which could be different from the location of your pain, a treatment plan is created and implemented.  The treatment plan integrates my knowledge of biomechanics and movement therapies with the Pilates method of rehabilitation, which re-trains the body to move more effectively and efficiently without pain and discomfort.

When physical/manual therapy services are no longer necessary, a Fitness- Focused program using Classical Pilates on the equipment and/or the mat is available to keep your body in wellness mode. Private or small class sessions are offered to assist you with your fitness goals to stretch, strengthen, and maintain alignment so you can perform your vocational and recreational duties more effectively and prevent injuries for years to come!

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