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Winter is Coming!! Healthy Tip #3 Boost your Immune System: Sufficient Sleep and Stress Management

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Hello Friends,

I hope you are finding ways to add exercise to your routine and are eating more colorful fruits and vegetables for the first few days of this Boost Your Immune System Season!!

Here is the third tip to improve your chances of staying healthy and combatting the winter bugs:

Sufficient Sleep and Manage Stress:

Sleep deprivation and stress overload increase the hormones cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline suppressing immune function. Adults need approximately 7 hours of sleep each night to activate T cells, important immune system responders.

T cells help find the compromised cells that are infected with viruses, cancer and herpes. When we don’t get enough sleep, these stress hormones levels are higher while reducing the ability for the T cells to work properly, affecting our immune system response.

In addition, increase stress and poor sleep increases inflammation, blood pressure, insulin resistance, weight gain, and cardiovascular disease. Make sleep and stress reduction a priority to boost your immune system’s ability to fight infections!!

What do you need to get started on making sleep and stress management a priority to strengthen your immune system? Our mission at Intelligent Motion Therapy is to help you make healthier choices so you can:

Move Better, Feel Better to Live Better!!

Do you know of someone who could use a dose of Wellness? Share this with your Friend!! We would love to help!!


Your Friends at Intelligent Motion Therapy & Pilates

Dr. Rebecca Hoeck PT, DPT, CWC, CIDN, MPT-DMI ®

19751 E. Mainstreet #310

Parker, CO 80138


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