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Winter is Coming!! Healthy Tip #1 Boost your Immune System: Exercise

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Hello Friends,

Nobody chooses to be sick, but many people get the flu or a cold, especially during the holidays, UGH!! No matter what climate you live in, we seem to be more vulnerable to colds and flu during the colder months. Scientists says it’s because we choose to be inside where it’s warm rather than outside in the cold!! Simply put…being indoors more often with others spreads germs more quickly than outdoors. It’s not the dry, cold outside temperatures.

Here is the first tip to improve your chances of staying healthy during this winter season:

Exercise Exercise Exercise - Did I say Exercise?

Moderate levels of regular exercise seem to reduce our risk to illness compared to an inactive lifestyle, but don’t exercise too much!! Too much exercise and long periods of intense training challenge the immune system and put athletes and intensive exercisers at a higher risk of colds and flu. An interesting study by Nieman et al, 2011, found that 102 minutes of moderate exercise per day was associated with a one-third reduction in the risk of contracting a upper respiratory infection compared with those who had an inactive lifestyle.

Other studies report those people who exercise two or more days per week have half as many missed days at work or school due to illness as compared to those who are inactive.

Pilates is a great exercise option to help you strengthen your body and immune system. It also teaches your body how to move in safely without placing excessive stress on the spine. It also helps increase microcirculation and promotes good breathing, getting rid of toxins that challenge the immune system. It’s a great choice to boost your immune system!!

Back or neck pain? No problem…we can help you get back into shape or help you start the process. Pilates is designed to create stability of the core muscles to strengthen the spine, improving posture and flexibility, reducing pain.

What do you need to get started on exercise? Our mission at Intelligent Motion Therapy is to help you make healthier choices so you can:

Move Better, Feel Better to Live Better!!

Do you know of someone who could use a dose of Wellness? Share this with your Friend!!

We would love to help!! Call us today to join one of our classes!!


Your Friends at Intelligent Motion Therapy & Pilates

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